Monthly Update: May 2021

Here at South Sound GREEN we’ve had another great month of benthic macroinvertebrate lessons! We’ve had a blast meeting with students in-person and virtually across multiple schools in North Thurston, Olympia, and Tumwater school districts. We’ve also found some pretty cool “stream bugs” along the way, including crawfish, stonefly larvae, and this tiny freshwater clam, best seen under the microscope!

Students aren’t the only ones getting SSG attention – we had another successful CLAMSS professional development event this month! Focusing on your carbon “food print”, teachers virtually learned about blue carbon and food webs from U.S. Geological Survey researcher Isa Woo and shared some of their favorite recipes that utilize local ingredients. And looking ahead, we’re already in the final month of the 2020-2021 school year, which means it’s time for our Summer Institute for Teachers! Last year’s “Stay In”-stitute was a hit, but we’re ready to bring teachers outside again and offer some more hands-on programming. And for students and parents looking for fun activities this summer, remember to check out our catalogue of ThurstonTalk Home Science Activities!