SIfT 2020 “Stay IN”-stitute

Actions for Oceans
June 22-24, 2020

Day 1

Land Acknowledgement

Voices of Hope: Climate Science Project – Kate Lindholm, GLAD project

Breakout Sessions

Afternoon Action Projects

Day 2

Candyce Bollinger, “Voice and Resiliency” (Handouts)

Valuing Diversity resource folder:

Pacific Education Institute Sit Spot

PLT’s Sound Map

Breakout Sessions

MWEE Assessment Tool

Day 3

The Good, the Bad, and the AlgaeStephanie Moore, Research Scientist, NOAA

Action Project/School Year Planning Presentations:

Breakout by Watershed Program / Nature Center

Essential Elements of Place Based LearningSarah Rubenstein, Pt. Townsend School District

Additional Resources

Monterey Bay Habitat Posters:

Some resources that might have activities to do remotely:



Plastic Pollution