Is South Sound GREEN a part of the Thurston Conservation District?

Soon after South Sound GREEN’s inception in the early 1990’s, community funders searched for an organization to house the program. Thurston Conservation District volunteered to provide office space, office support, and benefits for the program coordinator. Today SSGREEN remains a vital component of TCD’s outreach efforts, though it depends heavily on outside funding. Lacey, Olympia, Tumwater, and Thurston County all contribute to SSGREEN. Organizations like Trout Unlimited and Rotary have also been great supporters, and North Thurston Public Schools pays for monitoring day busses, but additional grants and community support are needed to keep the program fully funded at its present level and to expand the program as new ideas for student involvement unfold in the future.

I’d like to get my class/school involved in South Sound GREEN. How do I sign up?

Please email Stephanie Bishop, the Program Manager, or call 360-754-3588 ext 108 to find out how to get your class/school involved!

What classes/schools are eligible to participate?

Schools that are located in Thurston County and within the Deschutes, Eld, Henderson, or Totten watersheds are all eligible. Schools within the Nisqually watershed can find similar programs through the Nisqually River Education Project. Schools within the Black River, Chehalis, or Skookumchuck watersheds can find similar programs through the Chehalis Basin Education Consortium. If you are unsure about what watershed your school is located within, please contact Sam Nadell.

What does it cost to participate in South Sound GREEN’s programs?

There is no cost to participate in the program. In addition, the materials needed to conduct water quality testing (testing kits, goggles, etc) are provided at no cost. Bus and substitute teacher (when needed) expenses are also reimbursed by the program. Any additional questions about funding can be directed to Stephanie Bishop.