Salmon and McLane Creek Nature Trail Resources

Salmon Spawning Curriculum Overview (4th-5th Grade)
Salmon Spawning Curriculum Overview (6th-8th Grade)

Every year between the end of October and the end of December, the creeks of South Puget Sound are once again teaming with native chum salmon. Visiting a local trail like the McLane Creek Nature Trail or Kennedy Creek Salmon Trail this time of year is a tradition for many of us.

South Sound GREEN, in partnership with Thurston County Stream Team, offers guided tours of McLane Creek Nature Trail every November to show students the beautiful Capitol State Forest environment and to feature the chum salmon returning to the creek to spawn!

Chum at McLane Creek Nature Trail Digital Journal and other digital resources

If you’ve visited McLane Creek Nature Trail in the past with your students, you may have used Stream Team’s field journal as a guide. We worked to adapt this journal to a digital format with interactive activities, videos and lots of information about salmon! Please make a copy of the notebook to interact with, edit, and share the notebook with your class.

McLane Digital Notebook

Watch out recorded salmon dissection!

Watch our McLane Creek Chum Salmon video, with background information and live videos of salmon! Or you can look through our salmon pictures and videos on your own with our chum salmon picture album.

Learn how tires are damaging coho salmon populations in Puget Sound. (Article) (Video)

Still looking for more salmon-based lessons? Check out a collection of salmon resources on our Classroom Resources List, as well as these relevant ThurstonTalk Home Science Activities!

Salmon Obstacle Course

Bridges for Salmon

Salmon Spotting