Monthly Update – June 2023

Teachers at the Summer Institute for Teachers learn about the Salish Roots Farm managed by the Squaxin Tribe.

The 2022-2023 school year has just wrapped up, and what an exciting year it was! Over 5,500 students participated in South Sound GREEN programming this year, starting with Water Quality Monitoring back in October and ending with Eye On Nature field trips at the Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge a few weeks ago. We were thrilled to meet and collaborate with new teachers, community partners, and volunteers who worked with us to make all of this possible. Thank you to everybody who helped us bring outdoor experiences and watershed education to local students this year!

We wrapped up June with one of our favorite annual professional development events – Summer Institute for Teachers! This year’s theme was Traditional Ecological Knowledge, and we were so grateful to have speakers from the Nisqually and Squaxin tribes, as well as other environmental agencies and tribal members, share some of their stories and environmental expertise with local educators. After a long school year of teaching, it’s great to have an opportunity for our amazing teachers to become students for a few days!

We’re looking forward to a summer of rejuvenation and preparation for the next school year. South Sound GREEN is also looking to hire a fall intern, so if you’re interested or know of any interested parties, you can find more information here.