Monthly Update – February 2023

Ron Holtcamp, SSG advisor and Trout Unlimited member, leads the pH and Turbidity station with students from Lakes Elementary.

Although it’s one of the coldest months of the year, elementary student scientists from across Thurston County have been working diligently to collect water quality data from local watersheds! 5th grade students from Lakes and Pioneer Elementary Schools traveled to Pioneer Park and Squaxin Park this month to explore their local waterways, practice native plant identification, and analyze water quality data from tests that they conducted. 

With our traditional water quality monitoring season wrapping up, students are getting ready to present their class’s water quality data during the 30th Annual Student GREEN Congress at The Evergreen State College! We’re looking forward to having the first in-person GREEN Congress since 2019. Teams of 4th-8th grade student delegates have begun working on their presentations for the GREEN Congress State of the Rivers Sessions, where the teams will work together to compare their water quality data and create action plans to reinforce the health of their local aquatic ecosystems. We also have more workshop offerings than ever this year, and are excited to collaborate with new community partners from across Washington! The event will take place on March 23rd – check the Student GREEN Congress webpage here for more information.

At the end of the month, North Thurston School District high school students began their round of biology field trips at Tolmie State Park, Squaxin Park, and Meyer’s Point Field Station. These field trips are a great opportunity for students to build upon the curriculum they learn in the classroom through hands-on outdoor experiences and to be introduced to future career possibilities in STEM. Stay tuned for updates in March!