Monthly Update – November 2022

Stream Steward volunteer Martin McCallum discusses chum salmon at the McLane Creek Nature Trail with students from South Bay Elementary School.

November is always a fun month for us at South Sound GREEN, and it’s been even better this year with field trips in person back at the McLane Creek Salmon Trail! Chum salmon have been returning to our South Sound waterways for the past few weeks, and hundreds of students have been ecstatic to see the fish and learn about their spawning behaviors from SSG educators and Stream Steward volunteers. Salmon field trips are a great way for students to connect their water quality testing to the animals they’re working to protect, and a great lead-in to their next round of water testing in the winter. And following that winter water quality testing will be our Student GREEN Congress event in March, our first one in-person since 2019!  

Over at Kennedy Creek, the Teens in Thurston (TnT) high school volunteer group helped the South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group with their Salmon Celebration this month. New and returning TnT members led a series of activities for children visiting the trail, from offering a live salmon dissection to building edible salmon habitats with kids. If you’re a high school student looking for community service hours and opportunities to work outdoors, make sure you sign up for our email updates here! And we have our South Puget Sound Regional Envirothon competition for high school students around the corner as well! The competition is taking place on April 25th, 2023, and interested students and teachers can reach out to Sam Nadell at snadell@thurstoncd.com for more information.