Monthly Update: August 2021

An example of one of our new curriculum overviews.

And just like that, we’re back at the start of the school year! Summer always seems to zip by, but we utilized this summer to update our curricula, reorganize our website, and mentally prepare for taking students on field trips for the first time in 18 months! This fall, SSG and our friends at the Nisqually River Education Project will be leading water quality monitoring sessions with every fifth grade class within North Thurston Public Schools, our largest student population to date, along with the dozens of participating classes that return every year. We’re so excited to restart our flagship field program with students in person – we know how much students have missed doing hands-on activities we’ve missed it too!

This fall, we’re looking for some amazing community volunteers to help with our water quality monitoring programs. These are typically for a few hours during the school day, and we provide volunteer training beforehand. Also, if you are a local high school student (or know a local high school student) who is interested in volunteer opportunities within TCD, check out our new Teens in Thurston volunteer program! You can sign up using this form, and we’ll be sending out information about our first meeting soon.