Henderson Watershed

Henderson Watershed includes Woodland and Woodard Creek, totaling over 23.9 stream miles for a total of 23,352 watershed acreage.

Woodland Creek begins in the Hicks, Pattison and Long Lakes and their associated wetlands in Lacey, WA. From there it travels north, through the Saint Martin’s campus and underneath I-5 through a culvert. Continuing on its journey to the Sound, Woodland Creek passes through forested backyards and some agricultural lands before joining into Henderson Inlet at the intersection of Hawks Prairie Road and South Bay Road. This area is owned by Thurston County Parks and has been adopted by the Olympia Chapter of Trout Unlimited.

Woodard Creek begins in the wetlands off Ensign Road near St. Peter’s Hospital. It slowly picks up speed, moving through residential areas on its way to the Woodard Bay Natural Resource Conservation Area (NRCA). Hiking trails lead to the shores of Puget Sound and special wildlife viewing including a heron rookery, nesting cormorants, seals, and Washington State’s largest known bat colony! NOTE: Trails may be closed seasonally to protect nesting herons and eagles.

Land use in this area includes mixed rural and urban development. A total of 17.4 anadromous stream miles are used by Coho, Chinook, Bull Trout, Chum, Steelhead, and Cutthroat for spawning.

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