Student GREEN Congress

What is the Student GREEN Congress?

Picture1Each year South Sound GREEN and the Nisqually River Education Project invite 400 student delegates from the thousands of students participating in the program to attend the Student GREEN Congress in March at the Evergreen State College. Congress is an opportunity for these student delegates to represent their class and present their water quality data, compare notes with other students and come up with their own recommendations to improve conditions in the watershed together.

In the morning, students participate in a State of the Rivers Sessions, where they present and discuss their findings. They identify data which exceed optimal water quality standards, discuss possible causes of pollution or poor conditions, and make recommendations for
improving the health of the watershed and Puget Sound. Students attend workshops in the afternoon to learn new skills and information about the environment. These workshops are led by partner organizations that range from private natural resource-based businesses to local non-profit agencies and individuals- all working together for a clean and healthy environment. At the end of the day, students pledge to protect their watershed and share the information they learned with their classmates back at school.

Congress Info for Teachers:
To access materials for the 2018 Student GREEN Congress, including a teacher checklist, agenda for the day, delegate note sheet, parent letter, presentation template and more, click here!

Preparing Your Students for Congress:
Once you have selected student delegates to represent your class and your monitoring site, they will need to meet to analyze their data and create a presentation. We understand this can be challenging with limited schedules, but don’t worry- we can help! We are willing to meet with your delegates at a time that works for everyone to review their data, work on presentations, give feedback on their delivery, etc. Just give us a call at 360-754-3588, ext. 102 or email!

Student Prep Sheet
Map of Monitoring Sites
Congress Presentation Ideas
Sample PowerPoint
Map of The Evergreen State College
2017-2018 Water Quality Data

Once your presentations are ready to go, upload and access them to our shared folder using this link!

The 2018 Student GREEN Congress took place in March at The Evergreen State College. We celebrated our 26 years!

Final Congress Infographic