Climate Education and Resources (CLAMSS)

Climate Fellows

This website is part of a larger effort to increase climate literacy, create climate stewardship leaders, and foster community climate action through schools in the Southern Puget Sound. Please follow to “Who We Are” for more information on the partners, the people, and our goals.

CLAMSS: Climate Literacy, Action, and Monitoring in South Sound

The CLAMSS program is a NOAA Bay Watershed Education and Training (B-WET) funded program, hosted by South Sound GREEN and the Nisqually River Education Project. Within this program, we offer climate-based professional development opportunities for teachers and work with them to promote and implement Meaningful Watershed Education Experiences (MWEEs).

2021/2022 Shared Links/Resources:

CLAMSS #1 (11/3/21): Virtual Kennedy Creek Salmon Trail – Google Docs

2019/2020 Shared Links/Resources:

Overview of NOAA, BWET, and MWEEs

Lesson Plans and Ideas

Background Information: Harmful Algal Blooms/Hypoxia

Background Information: Ocean Acidification